A Student's Poetry

By Megan Trainor

Day Pledges Remember Earth Day?

Yeah me either but at one point we all pledged to take
care of the earth around us, to do our darndest to pick up
trash and plant more trees. Yet I went to the top of a
mountain, imagine it won’t you? The rolling hills, trees,
birds, and critters letting us so graciously enter their
homes as we trample through to the top. We come to a
point where you see the top, excited you climb the ridge
and what do you find?

No mountains. Only rubbish.

A coal mine sits just behind that mountain, the beeps and
explosions periodically interrupt your thoughts as you
look around at no mountains, no the beasts that used to
reside here have long since been conquered by humans.

Layer by layer.

Rock by rock they disassembled the mountains. Remember
those earth day promises when they showed us all
that stuff our parent’s screwed up? WE screwed up now. I
sat on this mountain and looked at what was left of its
brothers and sisters, a little mound there and a little
rock here.

Nothing worth seeing.


I have a dream, one
Where my kids see the mountains
Majestic, beautiful

Hiking all day, all
Night. Top of mountain, no top
No nature, where did it-

Flying high in the
Skies. Humans should know beauty
Like a bird; freedom

Megan Trainor is a junior at Rockhurst University working towards a degree in English with minor in journalism. She hopes one day to travel and explore the world either alleviating some of the burdens others face or shedding light on them through her writing.

The cover photo, entitled "Hallow Ground" is used courtesy of Shredical of the Flicrk Creative Commons