Spring 2016 • Number 49

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  • Ite Inflammate Omnia, Mark Bosco, SJ
  • Overcoming Superficially and Indifference, Christine Firer Hinze
  • We Are One, Olivia Quiroz Centeno
  • Jesuit Education in Qatar Today, Thomas Michel, SJ
  • Higher Ed at the Margins, Nicholas Griffin and Mary McFarland
  • The Possibilities of African Jesuit Universities, Terry Charlton, SJ
  • Jesuit Education in India Provides Innovative Opportunities, Vincent Sekhar, SJ

Student Experiences:

  • From a Refugee Camp to Le Moyne College, Zacharia Mohamed
  • The Dream Fulfilled, Pablo da Silva
  • From the Congo: Learning a New Language, New Customs, Prisca Tshibambe
  • The Jesuit Difference in International Education, Michael J Shuck
  • Palestine and the Laws of Men, John McKay

Study Abroad:

  • Empathy Arising from Facing Injustice and Violence, Todd Waller
  • The Seattle University Calcutta Project 1985-2011, Todd Waller
  • Nursing Students Immersion Has Life-altering Effect, Cindy Costanzo
  • The Brave Dream Interrupted, Charles H Allen, SJ and Walter Pelletier, SJ
  • At the Crossroads of Jewish, Muslim and Christian Cultures, Francisco de Borja Martin Garrido
  • Le Moyne Business Goes Global, James E Joseph

Talking Back:

  • Caring Still Matters, John D Lawry
  • Lessons in the Wilderness, Bill Kriege

Book Reviews:

  • ERethinking Christian Forgiveness: Theological, Philosophical, and Psychological Explorations, Peter Ely, SJ
  • University Ethics: How Colleges Can Build and Benefit from a Culture of Ethics, Kate Ward