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FALL 2018 • NUMBER 54

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Front Cover: University of Detroit Mercy, McNichols campus, early in the morning. Photo by Anthony Laszlo, a dental student at Detroit Mercy.    Click to download PDF

Front Cover: University of Detroit Mercy, McNichols campus, early in the morning. Photo by Anthony Laszlo, a dental student at Detroit Mercy.

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FALL 2017 • NUMBER 52




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Teaching to Mission:

Book Reviews:

Student Voices

Jesuit News

FALL 2016 • NUMBER 50


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An Historical Moment:

Teaching to Mission:

Book Reviews:

Student Voices

Alumni Voices



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  • Ite Inflammate Omnia, Mark Bosco, SJ

  • Overcoming Superficially and Indifference, Christine Firer Hinze

  • We Are One, Olivia Quiroz Centeno

  • Jesuit Education in Qatar Today, Thomas Michel, SJ

  • Higher Ed at the Margins, Nicholas Griffin and Mary McFarland

  • The Possibilities of African Jesuit Universities, Terry Charlton, SJ

  • Jesuit Education in India Provides Innovative Opportunities, Vincent Sekhar, SJ

Student Experiences:

  • From a Refugee Camp to Le Moyne College, Zacharia Mohamed

  • The Dream Fulfilled, Pablo da Silva

  • From the Congo: Learning a New Language, New Customs, Prisca Tshibambe

  • The Jesuit Difference in International Education, Michael J Shuck

  • Palestine and the Laws of Men, John McKay

Study Abroad:

  • Empathy Arising from Facing Injustice and Violence, Todd Waller

  • The Seattle University Calcutta Project 1985-2011, Todd Waller

  • Nursing Students Immersion Has Life-altering Effect, Cindy Costanzo

  • The Brave Dream Interrupted, Charles H Allen, SJ and Walter Pelletier, SJ

  • At the Crossroads of Jewish, Muslim and Christian Cultures, Francisco de Borja Martin Garrido

  • Le Moyne Business Goes Global, James E Joseph

Talking Back:

  • Caring Still Matters, John D Lawry

  • Lessons in the Wilderness, Bill Kriege

Book Reviews:

  • Rethinking Christian Forgiveness: Theological, Philosophical, and Psychological Explorations, Peter Ely, SJ

  • University Ethics: How Colleges Can Build and Benefit from a Culture of Ethics, Kate Ward

FALL 2015 • NUMBER 48

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  • A Context for Changes and Challenges in Higher Education, Robert Dullea and Heather Geiger

  • Responding to Crisis, James Buchanan

  • A New Turning Point, Michael J. Garanzini, S.J

  • Best Practices in College and University Budgeting, William G. Laird

  • Analysis and Response to Media Coverage of Liberal Arts Education, Robbin D. Crabtree and David Gudelunas

  • Justice for All, Including Adjuncts, Gerald J. Beyer

  • What Technology Can’t Replace, Michael Serazio

  • The Working Middle Class, David Surrey

  • A Partner with the City of Cleveland, Robert L. Niehoff, S.J.

  • Arrupe College: Breaking New Ground, John Crowley-Buck

  • The Red House in Georgetown, Robert Groves and Randy Bass

  • Pathway to Prosperity, Sharon Kinsman Salmon

  • Student Debt Narrows Choices, Sarah H. and Martin M.

  • On the Brink of Employment, Beth Harlan

  • Wheeling Jesuit MoJo, Wheeling Jesuit Students

  • On Loan to the Poor, Allen Elzerma

  • Life and Writing in Jesuit Education: Three Rules, Raymond A. Schroth, S.J 

  • Risks Worth Taking, Kathleen McGarvey Hidy


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  • Spring 2015 – Issue 47

  • The Spiritual Exercises as a Foundation for Jesuit Education, Kevin O’Brien, S.J.

  • Spiritual Foundations for Jesuit Commitment to Science, George Coyne, S.J., and Agustin Udías, S.J

  • The Spiritual Exercises and Art, Thomas Lucas, S.J

  • Discernment in St. Ignatius Loyola: Guidelines for Individual Discernment, Brian McDermott, S.J

  • Discernment in St. Ignatius Loyola: Group Discernment: Caring for the Common Good, Brian McDermott, S.J

  • The Grace of Directing the Exercises, Scott Coble, S.J.

  • What Do Jesuits Mean by Cura Personalis?, Anthony McGinn, S.J

  • Spirituality in a Local World, Paul Waldau

  • Grace Becomes Us, Paul W. Humphreys

  • Available and Willing, Holly Schapker

  • Leaning In, Julia Dowd

  • On Becoming a Jesuit, Thomas Curran

  • After the Exercises: Translation and Transformation      , Diana Owen

  • The Online Retreat, Maureen McCann Waldron

  • Encounters with Spirited Exercise, Cinthia Gannett

  • Ignatian Spirituality & Spiritual Exercises, Francis X. McAloon, S.J.

  • Is Retreat Directing a Model for Teaching?, Stephen Rowntree, S.J

  • Ignatian Colleagues, Joseph DeFeo, Thomas  Kelly( contributer)

  • Mission, Identity, Local Relationships, Jeff Dorr, S.J.

  • La Verdad Y La Justicia, Theresa Ladrigan-Whelpley

  • Finding God and Being Surprised, Maggie MacKenzie

  • Open Minds, Open Arms, Open Hearts, Giulia Pink

  • A Spiritual Stretch, Philip Nahlik

Fall 2014 • NUMBER 46

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  • The People’s Pope, Patrick Howell, S.J

  • Next Steps in Jesuit Higher Education, Stephanie Russell

  • A Committed Life, Barbara Mujica

  • Salt and Leaven, David C. McCallum, S.J.

  • Board Governance in the Ignatian Tradition, Debra K. Mooney

  • Mission Integration in the Natural Sciences, Sherilyn G. F. Smith

  • Discerning Finances through the Lens of Mission, Connie Kanter

  • “Leading Lives That Matter,” Janet L. Rumfelt, Franklin Medford, and Elisa Robyn

  • Making Sacrifices to Enhance Mission, Michael Sheeran, S.J.

  • Finding God in All Things, Karen Peterson-Iyer

  • Between Image and Audience, Michael F. Tunney, S.J.

  • myMAGIS, Paula Uruburok-Castro, Mark J. Piatkowski

  • Gonzaga Students Harvest Gold in Zambia, Josh Armstrong

  • Magis Catholic Teacher Corps, John Roselle, S.J.

  • Inside-Out, Kathleen Shull

  • Animating the Mission in the First-Year Incentive Program, John Kerrigan

  • Vocation at Work, Elspeth Rossetti and Elizabeth Krishnan

  • The Jesuit Mission in Higher Education, Linda LeMura

  • Eloquentia Perfecta: A Way of Proceeding, Robert J. Parmach

  • The Ignatian Adventure: Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in Daily Life, William E. Stempsey, S.J.

  • When the Gospel Grows Feet: Rutilio Grande, SJ, and the Church of El Salvador, Diana Owen

  • The New Dawn of Pope Francis, Joseph A. Tetlow, S.J.

Spring 2014 • NUMBER 45

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  • Perpetually Abolished, Entirely Extinguished, John W. Padberg, S.J.

  • A Remnant and Rebirth, Thomas W. Worcester, S.J.

  • Jesuit Colleges and the Civil War, Robert Emmett Curran

  • Serving Immigrants, James M. O’Toole

  • How Two Schools Grew Together, Maureen Fay, O.P

  • Living Reminders of a Heroic Age, John Thiede, S.J

  • The Jesuit Imaginary, Daniel S. Hendrickson, S.J

  • An Exciting Moment for Jesuit Higher Education, Kathleen Aikenhead

  • Shared Values, Creative Vision, Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.

  • Jesuits in Film: Pioneers, Musketeers, Exorcists, Laurie Ann Britt-Smith

  • The Leopard: A Classic from Italy, Ernest Fontana

  • To See the Love, to Share the Joy, Erin Verdi

  • The Fathers Who Founded Us, Nicholas Sawicki

  • Transformative Experience of Magis in Brazil, Brendan P. Busse, S.J.

  • Catholic Perspectives on Sport, Diana Owen

  • The Real and Urgent Conversations We Need, James E. Hug, S.J.