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Front cover design by Mark P. Scalese, S.J. Click to download PDF

Front cover design by Mark P. Scalese, S.J.

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FALL 2017 • NUMBER 52


  • The Ignatian Witness to Truth in a Climate of Injustice, Bryan N. Massingale
  • Sanctuary for the Heart, Howard Gray, S.J.
  • Engaged Scholarship Methods for Positive Social Change, George Villanueva
  • Eloquentia Perfecta in the Time of Tweets, Laurie Ann Britt-Smith
  • Journalism Education in the Spirit of Magis, John J. Pauly
  • Against Manufactured Truth, Sandra Sullivan-Dunbar
  • The Challenge of Making Good Logical Arguments, Ron DiSanto and Karen Adkins
  • Law, Policy, and the Sanctuary Campus, John McKay
  • A Collage of Conversations with Undocumented Students, Molly Pepper
  • Sanctuary: A Place Apart, Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.
  • Historical Models, An Interview with John W. Padberg, S.J., Julie Hanlon Rubio
  • Loss of Trust: How Did We Get Here? How Do We Move Forward?, Thomas Ringenberg
  • The Winter of Our Discontent, Gerry O’Hanlon, S.J.
  • The 500th Anniversary, Patrick Howell, S.J.
  • Forming Thoughtful, Committed Citizens, Lucas Sharma, S.J.

An Historical Moment:

  • Seattle University, Tracy DeCroce

Teaching to Mission:

Book Reviews:

  • Hope for Common Ground, Julie Hanlon Rubio
  • Come To Believe, Stephen N. Katsouros, S.J.
  • Emmaus: The Nature of the Way, Chris Yates

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