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Spring 2018 • NUMBER 53


  • A Healthy Community Builds on Acceptance, Patrick J. Howell, S.J.
  • Linking the Collegiate Well-Being Movement and the Jesuit Tradition, David Bryngil
  • The Practice of Yoga and Cura Personalis, Rachel Wifall
  • It’s OK to Talk About These Things, Abagail Gosselin, Janet Houser, and Loretta K. Notareschi
  • Well-being in the Curriculum, Laura D. Valtin, Mindy McWilliams, and David Ebenbach
  • Shattering my OCD Prison, Joseph Harrison
  • Up or Down—Both God’s Gifts, Stephen C. Rowntree, S.J.
  • A Medium for Social Health, Paola Pascual-Ferra
  • Undocumented: The Stress of Status, Terry-Ann Jones and Laura Nichols
  • Anxiety and the Post-Modern Student, Anne E. Figert
  • The Prophetic Character of Jesuit Education, Christopher Pramuk
  • Navigating Class on Campus, Steve Hess, S.J.
  • Counseling Centers: The Nature of Our Work, Jason A. Parcover
  • LGBTQ Mental Health, Jodi O’Brien
  • “Do Not Turn Away” Responding to the Sexual Assault Epidemic on Campus, Emily Clark

Student Voice:

  • Active Minds Project Breaks Stigma, Mia Zanaboni

An Historical Moment:

  • Saint Joseph’s University, Katie Smith

Book Review:

  • Insane: America’s Criminal Treatment of Mental Illness, Alisa Roth

Book Notice:

  • Always at the Frontier: Saint Louis University 1818 - 2018

Teaching the Mission:

  • Addressing a Nature-Deficit Disorder, Clint J. Springer

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