Continue the Sanctuaries for Truth and Justice Conversation

By Patrick Howell, SJ

Members of the National Seminar on Jesuit Higher Education will begin publishing a blog to follow up, explore, and invite further dialogue about the theme of each issue.  So reflections related to “A Sanctuary for Truth and Justice” will appear on this Website about every two weeks.  We invite you to join the conversation with some of your own comments.  

When we first decided on this theme last January, we had an inkling that we needed to address the undermining of civic discourse and the marginalization of one group of people after another by President Trump.  We had no idea that his demagoguery would lead to unleashing forces of violence that threaten the nation’s well-being and its economic, social, and spiritual fabric.  So now, more than ever, as Jesuit university staff, faculty, and students we need to offer Ignatian discernment, Gospel courage, and prayerful truth-telling to mend the social fabric and continue to build a society founded on Truth and Justice.

The cover image is courtesy of Valery Kenzki of the Flickr Creative Commons.